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Oxford Recording Studio’s mission to be the preferred music production studio for local musicians and artists in Oxford, Mississippi for music production, recording and mixing services.



We are big believers in fit. Just as much as an artist wants a quality recording studio where they can cut their next record, we want outstanding artists to walk through our doors and build lasting relationships. Some of the best artist and engineer relationships are built when both teams share similar values and goals within their respective musical interests.

Because of our interest in upholding positive values, we have made a conscious decision to not record music that is profane, vulgar, violent, satanic or sexual in nature. We respect the views and musical interests of all artists, but find that we build a more cohesive bond, and ultimately higher quality results, when we share similar values with the artist. If you have any questions whether your music would fit within our studio policies, please feel free to reach out for a free project review to discuss in more detail.


We would be more than happy for visitors to join recording sessions. We prefer to keep the session visitors to a minimum to avoid poor recording results due to unintended sounds within the environment. Any necessary re-recording due to these unintentional distractions may result in prolonged session times.

In order to protect our studio equipment and avoid accidents, children are generally not allowed within the studio during recording sessions. Additionally, it can be difficult to ensure quality recording results when children are present. We absolutely love children, and would be happy to have children visit the studio with supervision outside of scheduled recording times.

YOUTH/CHILD ARTISTS: We do work with youth and child artists or musicians on projects! We would be happy for children to record in our studio under supervision; in these cases, parent or guardian is required to be present during all recording sessions.


Food and drinks may be permissible, assuming that all food and drinks are contained within a sealed container. We have a comfortable space outside the recording room where food may be eaten during breaks.

Smoking, alcohol consumption and/or drug use is strictly prohibited inside or immediately outside the studio or surrounding property. We work extremely hard to promote a family-friendly environment for all our clients, and as a strict policy these items are prohibited. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Our studio rates (Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Session Musicians, etc.) are billed at hourly, set or project rates as outlined on our website. Billing for the session at our established hourly rate starts from the beginning of your scheduled appointment, not from the time you show up (if later).

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before the session appointment without being charged for the time. This “free” time can be used for setting up your instrument, warming up your vocals and/or getting yourself ready for the session. The billable session will start at your scheduled time and may include set-up. Most instruments, including guitars, keyboards, basses, vocals, etc. take minimal set-up time (typically about 5 minutes). Some instruments, such as acoustic drums, may take more time to complete tuning, placing mics, etc.

A $30 deposit (which will be applied toward the cost of your session) is required to schedule your first session. This deposit will be nonrefundable, unless we receive your cancellation notice at least 48 hours before your reserved session time begins. With a minimum of 48 hours notice, we will work with you to reschedule at a more convenient time for both parties and apply your existing deposit for the new appointment.

If you miss your session without notification (“no show”), you will be billed for the complete session appointment time you scheduled. You will be required to pay the balance due for that session before you can schedule your next session or receive any session files.


Depending on the size of your project, several follow up recording sessions may be required. Full payment must be caught up at the end of each visit. Scratch tracks, quick mixes, or other audio or session files will not be released by us until payment is made in full. We understand that there are occasional unanticipated challenges that come up that may prevent payment from being made within a reasonable time frame; our intention is to work closely with our customers to provide a positive experience for all. While we cannot guarantee a full media release without payment, if you find yourself in a difficult situation please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you find a path to move forward.


We hold your project for 30 days after the last time the project was worked on, unless future sessions are booked in advanced (we can hold projects for a longer duration). If you think you might want to return to the project after more than 30 days, it is the client’s responsibility to request a copy of the session/project within this time period. Although we do not intentionally erase any old projects, we can not be held responsible for storing your project beyond 30 days.

It is recommended that you request a link to download your project to your personal computer or hard drive. This is especially true if a project is going to extend multiple months.

We do everything possible to keep your projects safe while you are recording and mixing at Oxford Recording Studio. We backup each day’s projects to external hard drive storage. If your work is accidentally lost to circumstances beyond our control within 30 days of your last visit on that specific project, we will replace the work lost by crediting you back the cost of the studio time you used to create the project.


Oxford Recording Studio makes every reasonable effort to provide the most positively impactful experience to customers. Due to the nature of the services provided, we do not offer returns for services rendered; if at any time you are dissatisfied, we would be happy to return any pre-paid service-hours that may remain, but will typically be unable to provide a refund for services already completed. If at any time you feel dissatisfied, please let us know and we can work out a reasonable course of action to provide a positive experience and make your concern right.


As the client, it is your responsibility to secure permission to use any copyrighted material in your project. We do not take any responsibility for any violation of copyright laws by you.